Xingguang Yan

Xingguang Yan

Ph.D. Student

Simon Fraser University


I am Xingguang (Kevin) Yan, a Ph.D. student at the GrUVi lab of SFU. Previously, I obtained my master’s degree in the Visual Computing Center (VCC) at Shenzhen University under the supervision of Prof. Hui Huang. I also worked with Prof. Daniel Cohen-Or and Prof. Niloy J. Mitra.

My research is focused on how to efficiently represent, process and generate 3D data, spanning the fields of computer graphics, computer vision and machine learning. Recent advances of deep unsupervised learning methods (such as GANs, autoregressive models and score-based models) has unlocked remarkable success on generating text and images, and I am interested in harnessing the potential of these techniques to enable efficiently synthesizing high-quality 3D objects and scenes.

  • 3D reconstruction & shape completion
  • Deep generative models
  • Geometry Processing
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, starting from 2022

    Simon Fraser University

  • Master in Engineering, 2021

    Shenzhen University

  • BSc in Information and Computing Science, 2018

    Fujian Normal University


I am an endurance sports lover and have finished 1 full-Marathon, 7 half-Marathon and 1 triathlon. I usually run 5 kilometers everyday and by the time of my total mileage is kilometers

I also like 3D modeling and rendering, the following shows several works of mine (some of them are interactive thanks to WebGL).


  • GrUVi Lab, TASC-1, School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B. C. V5A 1S6
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